Keep Calm, It’s Exam Time – We’ve got you covered

TLC Exam season

The sun is shining, the smell of freshly cut grass is in the air, and it’s June. This can only mean the start of exam season throughout the UK. We always say to our young (or not so young students) to heed the following nuggets of advice as the exams approach and stress may start to kick in; “Fail to prepare and prepare to fail”, “Don’t leave it all until the last minute” and so many other cliches.

So, what if you have been tasked with sourcing desks, tables, and chairs for your local school or exam centre? If you haven’t made the deadline of getting all the correct furniture sourced in time, don’t worry TLC event hire can help save the day! We’ll help bring your grade up from a fail to a pass with honours!

GET ORGANISED – It’s never too late.

If you urgently need to hire desks, tables, and chairs suitable for exams, please do give us a call as soon you can. We will make sure to check the dates you need them for, the duration and realistic timelines. The last thing you need is a company who will overpromise and under deliver. We will always ask you to consider details below to manage your exam space such as:

  • Earliest access to the buildings for delivery
  • Weekend or midweek delivery dates
  • Quantities that allow for no shows or extra students
  • Layout of desks, tables, and chairs – is there adequate spacing for each student
  • Accessibility issues that we need to consider.

We have a large amount of trestle tables, exam desks, and folding chairs in stock available for year-round for hire. We offer excellent value for schools, universities, colleges, and corporates who may wish to offer in-person aptitude tests on-site. Our exam furniture is of a high quality, lightweight, easy to store and comfortable for students.

If you needs are immediate, we will do our absolute best to get your order processed so that neither you the organiser, or your students are under any unnecessary stress.

There are not many furniture event hire companies in the Northwest UK or Glasgow regions who can say that they are available 365 days of the year. Customer service matters to us, and that’s why we are.