Sourcing Furniture for your event buy, borrow, or rent?

The answer to the above question may seem obvious at first glance when you begin to research the cost of hiring chairs and table for your upcoming event. You may be recently engaged, and this is the year to finally plan your wedding, or maybe you’ve got an important family event coming up such as an anniversary or landmark birthday. Whatever the occasion if the planning and budgeting of the event have been left for you to do, TLC event hire are here to help and advise.


If you are booking a venue such as a hotel, local pub, community space etc, make sure to ask if the venue has a stock of suitable chairs for you to use. If they have, do go and inspect the furniture to make sure the quality and colours are what you have in mind. In reality, you may be disappointed in what the venue has available and could end up spending more on chair and table coverings than on the cost of hiring chairs from scratch. If your numbers are small and you have an eclectic or bohemian style in mind, perhaps borrowing from friends and relatives could be the answer.

Verdict? We say go ahead and quote from a professional event hire company such as TLC. It may just save you time and money in the long run


If you are fortunate enough to have a large outdoor or garden space and can accommodate a large number of guests, it may make financial sense to buy tables and chairs so you can use them on multiple occasions. If you were to buy upwards of say 70 chairs and 7 tables for an imminent event you may wish to consider;

* Can you afford to pay the full cost upfront?

* Where are you going to store the tables and chairs after the event? If you have nowhere on- site, have you factored in the cost of year-round storage?

Verdict? We say go think before you invest, it may be a costly mistake that you regret.


Just like the high street, interiors and events will go through different trends and styles. You may love our Chiavari style chair for your wedding, but is Auntie Maud or Grandad John going to want to sit on this chair for his or own anniversary party? The choice and styles of chairs available to hire from TLC will always consider the wider demographic of your guests and take comfort, cost and style into account at time of quotation.

Verdict? We say, as much as you want to get involved in buying or borrowing furniture for your event, the professionals who work in furniture event hire have the experience and knowledge to guide you on how to always get the very best for your special occasion.